Neuer Ventriloclient Version 3.0.4

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  1. Borgis Der Unaussprechliche

    Windows i386 - 32bit - Win2000 and newer 2,96MB Version 3.0.4

    Windows x64 - 64bit 2,90MB Version 3.0.4

    Windows 9x - 95/98/ME 2,86MB Version 3.0.4

    Change Log:
    [klapptext]Version 3.0.4


    Removed Setup-Global option to disable XP Theme. It’s always on now.

    Modified so that error messages from DirectX are more human readable.

    Made a few more tweaks to make sure the 64bit version functions correctly.

    64bit windows platform is now an officially supported platform (rather than being Alpha).

    Modified to assure that a window is visible when opened when desktop resolution changes and on multiple monitor systems, which also includes primary monitor on the left or the right.

    Windows client now in 3 forms. Win9X (32bit only), Windows 2000 or higher (32bit and 64bit)


    Added support to flash toolbar when message arrives in private chat and global chat windows.

    Added support to double space private chat exchanges when last sender changes.

    Private chat window can now be resized.

    Last known size / position of private chat window is now saved on a per user name / per server bases.

    Added support for logging private and global chat. Disabled by default.

    Fixed global / private chat windows so that pressing escape while focus is set to scrolling text will not cause the window to close.

    Added private chat time stamp option.


    Now has option to change the vertical size by disabling features not needed.

    Added option to manually reposition the overlay window.

    Added user interactive menu system to the overlay display.

    Added support for Vista by automatically disabling Aero Glass.

    Added Setup-Overlay option to resolve issue on Vista on nVidia video cards.


    Added overlay function to activate the new overlay menu.


    Added View->Integration text.

    Added View->Manually position Overlay.

    Modified Server Admin-User editor menu option to be available to everyone. If you are not a server admin or have the “Add user” right then it will display your user access rights only.

    Logitech G15 / GamePanel:

    Modified to display receiver even if sound muted.

    Fixed channel user display if in Lobby.

    Recording / Playback:

    Added support to export currently loaded VRF file as a WAV file.

    Right click in list of events will popup new menu for muting / unmuting. Also applies to export.

    Window now supports dragging existing VRF file names into it from Windows Explorer.

    Hintergrund des Updates:
    Die Entwickler haben auf Visual Studio 2008 geupdated um auch eine 64 bit Version bereit zu stellen.
Status des Themas:
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