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Hier mal meine WD build, die ich in einem anderem (D3) Forum gepostet hab:

Recently the WD has been more and more fun for me playing through the beta doing different things (although he's quite op atm) and due to some other reasons I probably will play him instead of a DH to release. So I thought I play a little with the calc and try to come up with a strong build.

Goals of the Build: Since I play in a full party my build focus lies always on group play. My build tries to focus around AoE damage and some support, so keep in my mind that this is in no way a build to play solo.

Core Spells:
Active: Grasp of the Dead, Acid Cloud, Soul Harvest
Passive: Bad Medicine, Grave Injustice

These are the spells where I don't see real good alternatives (at least for this playstyle).

Grasp of the Dead is one that we can already see in the Beta and I really like it for AoE purposes. With its slow it also has a little bit utility. Paired with Grave Injustice it can also cover massive areas of the screen, given that you kill mobs more often than one every 8 seconds. It would be interesting if multiple GotD will stack on one position, but I remember reading that Wizards Blizzard effect does not stack for one person, so I guess this will be the same case.
Right now it is runed for more damage, but it could also be worth to get the health globe rune, especially in Inferno.

Acid Cloud is another strong AoE. Together with Bad Medicine it also provides a flat 20% damage reduction, letting your melee mate have a better time out there in the front. Currently it is runed for a wider area (I think in the video it is ~15 yrds?), but I will also try out Slow Burn and Lob Blob Bomb (awesome name).

Soul Harvest is currently the most op beta spell and I am quite sure it will receive some nerfs. It basically gives you 650% damage add (remember that 1int=1% damage) with 90%+ uptime (probably lower for bosses, but since we're hunting champion packs we will get enough monsters for the 5stack). It's runed with a longer duration, although this is quite the overkill together with Grave Injustice. But there is not really a strong rune for this skill.

Bad Medicine is a must have passive, since Acid Cloud will apply it to every monster standing in the aoe.

Grave Injustice is a passive which has so much potential. 8 yrds is really small (the DH is ~7yrds tall, so you have a slight guess about the range), but since the endgame radius affix is 7 yrds you should be able to get 2-3 items, increasing the range to ~30 yrds. This could also add an interesting effect on itemization, since you want a stat that probably most of the people won't need that much. With large monster packs this passive can really decrease the time of your big ultimate spells, letting you use them for hard champion packs more frequently.

So after the basic must have spells I'll try to cover up some thoughts behind the other spells as well as alternatives to them.

Locust Swarm: To be honest, I am not quite sure how this spell works exactly. The video suggests it infects an enemy and jumps to nearby enemies, making the spell useful for small aoe packs. If the rune really applies only to killings blows with locust swarm it has to be swapped out, but this is another thing that has to be tested. A possible alternative would be Spirit Barrage, giving you a little more single target potential.

Fire Bomb: Primary Spells are probably the thing where I can't really say what I take after I tested all of them out. In the beta I liked Poison Dart runed with Splinters, but Fire Bomb has a little more aoe effect to it, especially with the rune.

Big Bad Voodoo: This ultimate seems really strong in Party Play, increasing attack speed and even damage if its runed. Together with Grave Injustice it should be up for most of the champion packs, giving you a better time fighting them. I thought about hex as alternative, given its lower cooldown and you can use it multiple times in a fight if enemies die (paired with Grave Injustice), but since champions have CC resistence I think this will be more safe for most of the time.

Pierce the Veil: Since the build doesn't seem to use that much mana, given that you regain 1% for each enemy death and the low mana cost on GotD and Acid Cloud I think this is a strong rune and a safe choice. Another choice would maybe be Tribal Rites, reducing the Big Bad Vodoo cooldown to 90 seconds (further decreased through monster kills).

I think I covered most of my thought process and it seems to me that this is a very viable Group Play build. Since you don't have much single target power and no tank minions it makes it very inefficient for solo play. If you have any thoughts or comments I would appreciate it.


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HAh, nice auf cyber is verlass. Ich werd definitiv WD spielen, bin total heiß drauf seit ich ihn in der beta spielte :)


Spielst du jetzt WD Cyber? Ich dachte über dich komm ich an nen Barb Build. :p


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Jo. Wollte zuerst DH spielen, aber symp wollte ja ___unbedingt___ dh spielen und wd hat mir in der beta dann doch ganz gut gefallen am Ende.


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Heh war bei mir auch so. Wollte Monk oder DH spielen, aber die Freundin von Darkforce speilt nun DH -_- Naja WD gefällt mir ehh am besten mitlerweile :)


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Jailer (Level 51) -The jailer trait gives monsters the ability to immobilize the Hero in a conjured prison. The effect is brief, but long enough to make you an easy target. Each attack by the Jailer has a 25% chance to cast this on you. Dashing strike lets you move, but does not free you. Spirit walk will however set you free.

Man weiss zwar immer noch nicht genau wie Spirit Walk funktioniert, aber das macht den Skill fast schon zu einem must have für inferno


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Meine Build:!bXV!aaZbca
Zz. Akt 1 +2 Inferno zu viert, bisher ohne große Probleme.
Hab ziemlich viel geswitched und getestet und es gibt sicher Potential für zig andere Builds.
Overall gefällt mir WD bisher ganz gut. Viele Skills vom WD sind leider einfach zu abhängig davon nahe an Gegnern zu sein, was ab Inferno halt einfach nichtmehr drin ist als caster. Vielleicht ändert sich das aber noch, mit super sickem gear ^^


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Hm, Fetisch passiv is interessant. Kannst du damit akt 2 solo?
Würd allerdings statt Locusts firebats nehmen, die sind einfach viel besser zusammen mit Haunt. Dann hast du halt einen sehr guten dot und einen guten Area spell.


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Hm bin am WE nicht viel zum zocken gekommen, muss noch den Butcher legen.
Naja ich finde Locusts Swarm einfach klasse, die Gegner müssen nicht auf einem bestimmten Punkte stehen bzw in einer Reihe, der Dot verteilt sich ganz von allein. Vorallem Grasp of the dead lässt die gegner "stauen" und verteilt die dot fröhlich weiter.

Haunt gibt mehr Mana wieder wie es verbraucht und der Fetisch sorgt für CC und etwas Heal. Spirit Walk als Mana Bombe und OH Shit Button.


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Muss sagen Confusion is definitiv super gut! Und jeder WD sollte es zumindest mal testen, ich spiele nun mit Confusion :)
Symps build is ziemlich gut, allerdings muss man auf etwas damage verzichten mit den Items bisher wenn man diese build spielt da sie sehr Manareg abhängig ist.
Ich hab sie mit 10 Mana reg getestet und das reichte definitiv nicht trotz 1% Manareg passiv noch zusätzlich :/