Ventrilo 3.0.1


Der Unaussprechliche
Client only 3.0.1:
User Editor: Made current user list window wider and added support for horizontal scroll bar when needed.

User Editor: Pressing new button will now default Duplicate IP’s to No Limit.

User Editor: Generic User and Generic admin profiles now default Duplicate IP’s to No Limit.

User Editor: Removed feature where clicking on an existing account name in the main window would cause a selection change in the UE Window. While useful in some cases it creates more problems that it solved. Might make this an option in a future version.

Main Window: Display of the (GUEST) tag is now off by default. Can be turned on via new menu option View -> Guest tags.

Guest MOTD: Now provides option to display only if it changes.

Chat: Time stamp option will now display correct month number.

Menu: When paired with 3.0.2 server, using the Server Admin -> Login will now allow certain menu items to be usable instead of grayed out.

Ventrilo 3.0.1

Server only 3.02:

[Klapptext]Fixed exception fault when loading a damaged channel file.

Fixed private chat replicating problem. Pro server only.

Modified Account management so that it is harder to lock your self out of the server.

Server Admin->Login will now give complete rights like 2.3 did. With the exception of Edit Voice/Cmd targets which are user account specific anyway and Pro server only.

Upgrading a 2.3 to 3.0 server will automatically assign full admin rights to an old account that already had the server admin right.

Modified USR and TRG files to be automatically updated in 1 minute instead of 1 hour.

Fixed server name length to be a minimum of 2 characters instead of 4.

When upgrading a 2.3 server to 3.0, or creating a new 3.0 server from scratch, the server will assume Duplicate IP’s settings of “No Limit”.[/Klapptext]

Daher wird der Server in den nächsten Tagen einmal neu gestartet, dafür braucht man aber keinen neuen Ventrilo Client installieren.


gratulation ventrilo, die umstellung auf udp war ja scheinbar unbedingt nötig. das wars dann für mich..


No motivation!
wundert mich aber, dass es vorher funktioniert hat, da sprachsoftware eigentlich fast immer udp als übertragungsart verwendet


stand so in den foren, irgendwas haben sie ja scheinbar umgestellt, dass es bei mir nicht mehr funzt...